More Brazil memes and jokes after German drubbing

Jokes » More Brazil memes and jokes after German drubbing

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The Fifa Fan Fest in Rio de Janeiro will not be amused by all these Brazil memes and jokes
SAD: Brazil (Image: Agência Brasil)

As the fallout continues, here is another set of Brazil memes and jokes following the hosts’ shocking 1-7 loss in the World Cup semi-final.


The footballing community is still reeling from the ridiculous result and a severely disappointed nation now awaits a dreaded 3rd place play-off against Holland.

While we wait, there are more Brazil memes and jokes following Germany’s 7-1 win:

I knew it bitches…

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) July 8, 2014

Greetings from Brazil

— Tom Miller (@tomcmmiller) July 8, 2014

Stop praying to Me, Brazil. Even I can't help you now. #WorldCup

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) July 8, 2014

They'll have 5 mins added on for the time Cesar has spent picking the ball out of the net.

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) July 8, 2014

If only there was a German word for schadenfreude

— Patrick Smith (@psmith) July 8, 2014

Scolari calling for an airlift to get him safely out of this place after the whistle. #BRAGER #WorldCup2014

— FIFAWorldCup (@ThaWorldCup) July 8, 2014

HEAT MAP: Fred has taken kick off 5 times and he's not touched the ball in the Germany penalty area. #BRA

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) July 8, 2014

#NeymarWhileYouWereAway Brazil got a new flag

— #HaskellBC (@RonaldOuma) July 8, 2014

Brazil's goalie

— Funny Pictures (@TopTwitPics) July 8, 2014

brazil jesus be like

— lawblob (@lawblob) July 8, 2014

Please let me get out alive

— Never Write Off… (@NeverWriteOff) July 8, 2014

Brazil 1-7 Germany. LOL

— Coral (@Coral) July 8, 2014

#BRAvsGER this drink is banned in Brazil since now:

— funnyorfact (@funnyorfact) July 8, 2014

Live footage of the riots in Brazil –

— Transfer Talk (@EPLBible) July 8, 2014

Brazil fans waiting on the German bus outside like…

— I'm Shmacked (@ImShmacked) July 8, 2014

Fears grow for David Luiz after Brazil's fall from grace

— Steve Anglesey (@sanglesey) July 8, 2014

At least brazil aren't going home

— Mrs Mazari (@Itshaleebish) July 8, 2014

HAHA! #GER #BRA #WorldCup

— Mehdi (@MehdiG_LFC) July 8, 2014

Why Netherlands and Brazil lost in the semi-finals…

— Soccer Vines?? (@_SoccerVines) July 9, 2014

What's the difference between Snow White and Brazil? Snow White had the excuse of being asleep when she let seven in. #ARGvsNED #ARGvsHOL

— Tattooed Mulligan (@mullied) July 9, 2014

Hell of a loss, Brazil

— AndThenIGotHigh (@AndThenIGotHigh) July 10, 2014

Brazil TV playing 2014 Germany 7 Brz 1, 1998 France 3 Brz 0, 1982 Italy 3 Brz 2 on loop. Like watching wedding vid the day you get divorced

— roger bennett (@rogbennett) July 10, 2014

Brazil right now. #WorldCupProblems

— World Cup Problems (@WorIdCupProbs) July 9, 2014

The Brazil players leaving their hotel this morning!!

— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) July 9, 2014

Why Brazil lost

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) July 9, 2014

This image, from a 2013 briefing on Brazil's economy, seems wildly appropriate again #BRAvsGER

— The Economist (@EconEconomics) July 9, 2014



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