McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy tips: goalkeepers for semi-finals in Russia

Hugo Lloris is one of our McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy tips for goalkeepers in the semi-finals of Russia 2018's official fantasy football
LUCKY? Lloris (Image: Дмитрий Неймырок)

Find a safe pair of hands with these McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy tips for goalkeepers in the semi-finals of Russia 2018’s official fantasy football.

With only four sides remaining, you can now select up to six players from each team – so bear this in mind when using your five free transfers.

And remember, there will be a third place playoff between the losing semi-finalists so each team still has two games left.

This might also be a good time to play your Maximum Captain chip, as semi-finals are often higher-scoring affairs than finals.

Recommended picks include players from France and England.

Hugo Lloris, FRA – 5.9m

With so few teams left you have to look at who the likely winners, and you’d have to say the winners of France v Belgium would be favourites.

Then you have to ask, which of those two sides is likelier to keep a clean sheet? Based on this World Cup so far, that would be France.

And even if they lose to Belgium, they’d still be favourites in a third place playoff against Croatia or England.

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Jordan Pickford, ENG – 5.5m

Croatia v England is a tough one to call, but the Three Lions might be slight favourites on account of the Croatians having played 120 minutes against Russia.

Furthermore, Pickford is the man in form – and that can be a key consideration when making close calls in fantasy football.

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Good luck and happy selecting!