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10 Maja Darving photos as model is linked to Cristiano Ronaldo

See the stunning 19-year-old model rumoured to be dating Madrid star.

Collections23.09.15 12:41

The best tweets as Lewandowski scores 5 goals in 9 minutes

Twitter reacts to Bayern Munich striker's scarcely believable intervention against Wolfsburg.

Collections13.07.15 14:42

10 things that cost the same as Raheem Sterling

Including a high street restaurant chain and ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT!

Collections07.07.15 11:35

Liverpool to sign Benteke for £32.5m – but what else could they have?

Including 26 pubs, a luxury car dealer and a 467,323 sq ft warehouse.

Collections30.06.15 12:40

Man Utd bid £28.6m for Sergio Ramos – but what else could they have?

What else can twenty-eight million of Her Majesty's pounds get you these days?

Collections22.06.15 16:42

10 things that would cost the same as Kane, Sterling & Wilshere

Including Londis, Budgens and over a hundred Blackpool hotels.

Collections22.06.15 10:57

The best Women’s World Cup tweets ahead of Norway v England

Place in quarter-finals up for grabs.

Collections10.06.15 15:11

Sol Campbell politics tweets and the best replies

A revealing insight into, er, the revealing insight the prospective Mayor of London candidate has to offer.

Collections27.05.15 03:00

12 photos of Alessia Tedeschi, Cristiano Ronaldo’s rumoured new girlfriend

Ronaldo reportedly invited the Italian model and actress to watch him play.

Collections15.05.15 03:00

Tweets of the Week: Shearer, Redmond, Bullard & more

Featuring chants, threats, studies, thoughts and One Direction.