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Neil Warnock's Comedy Corner

Hello again folks, hope you’ve been enjoying the Euros as much as I have. It’s been a cracking tournament so far, but one question has been on everyone’s mind…

Funnily enough I just asked the wife that – but then she is planning a holiday in Brazil!

Thank you, thank you. Now, observational humour is not just the preserve of us old-school comedians – even former Swansea City defenders are having a go…

“Mind the gap”, eh Izzy? Oo er!

I’m glad you like that one, folks – I could see you a few of you looking at me as if to say, “He isn’t, Izzy?”

Er…anyway, did you hear about the first Amish person on Twitter? Made a right hash of it, he did…

This was posted at 10.40pm, or 11.40 Polish time. Get some sodding electricity mate, your cuckoo clock’s broken!

Thank you, you’re too kind. Now, I’ve done a few radio gigs in my time, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t usual protocol…

Asamoah lad, put the bloody smartphone away when you’re on the air!

That was incredulity for comic effect, that was. It doesn’t require a punchline.

Why do you all laugh so much when Russell Howard does it, then?

Oh, balls to the lot of yer. I wonder if Joey Barton’s retweeted anything good lately…

Now that doesn’t require a punchline! Am I right folks?

Thank you, good to have you back onside. Now, I wonder what Watford’s young players have been listening to lately…

I know lad, he has that effect on me too!

Oh, Warnock’s on fire tonight! Well, this morning, anyway.

That’s pretty amazing, Jay – you look more beautiful than ever there!

Yeah, alright.

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