Jonny Forumer: Man United fans call for reduced Giggs selection

Collections » Jonny Forumer: Man United fans call for reduced Giggs selection

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Jonny Forumer

Ryan Giggs may be an all-time Manchester United great but another poor performance during Saturday’s 3-2 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford has prompted many a call for either Sir Alex Ferguson to stop playing him from the start, or for the former Wales international to hang up his boots altogether. I hung around online Red Devils joints Red Cafe and Republik of Mancunia listening in on folk bemoaning the petering out of a legend…

Ryan Giggs
Giggs… Time for the aftershow? (Img: Gordon Flood)

cw1984, Red Cafe…

I don’t think he should retire. He still has plenty too offer from the bench IMO. He just shouldn’t be starting games.

It’s been the case for at least 12 months now. I have no idea why Fergie doesn’t see it.

Chris83, Republik of Mancunia…

Fergie continues to take the piss and so does Giggs.All Giggs does now is pick up his paycheck. Basically, he is being selfish by continuing to play and be awful. Retire Giggsy. I’m starting to resent the guy, I’ll be honest.

kouroux, Red Cafe…

Giggs as an impact sub is more than welcome cause his vision against tired defenders can create problems but starting with him in any matches doesn’t make sense anymore

fletchabey, Republik of Mancunia…

Giggsy was poor as per usual, his only use to us is if he is in tip top form and against someone who’ll offer him a bit of space. I haven’t seen his tip top form in over a year though.

Armchair Critic, Red Cafe…

He’ll come good this season, still got another season or two in him, been shit so far this season admittedly.

Sky Sports 1, Republic of Mancunia…

criticising the selection of Giggs from the start is wrong, he may have played badly, which can’t have been forseen, but his record against Spurs suggests that he should always start against them.

Crustanoid, Red Cafe…

Up to Giggs when he hangs them up – its not he who makes the weird team selections in certain games

redcase, Republik of Mancunia…

Ryan Giggs should not come anywhere near the first team. It is disgusting to see him get picked ahead of Cleverley, Ando, Chico and Welbz . Absolutely fucking disgusting. He has been fucking shit all season. Cannot recall a good game from him. I honestly do not know how he gets picked ahead of the others. His presence is getting detrimental to the team as he offers nothing in terms of pace , creativity and defence. It is painful to see him lower his standards by pushing the boundaries of time and physical limits to such extents. It truly is painful. He should retire and end on a high. I have never been so harsh on Giggs, but seeing him get outmuscled, outpaced and generally outdone everywhere was tough viewing.

heesy, Red Cafe…

I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires at the end of this season. I think he still has a bit left to offer us and is a good option for if we’re pressing a game towards the end, need a winner; a killer ball, and don’t care about ball retention. He shouldn’t regularly be starting though in central midfield, especially with Scholes. We have several better options there.

ginger18legend, Republik of Mancunia…

Nev should have a word with him I reckon. Realize he’s no longer needed. I don’t think I’ll ever ‘resent’ him, but the situation is beginning to get quite uncomfortable.

Bear Attack, Red Cafe…

Giggs is my favourite player but he’s past it now. A sad truth that we all have to reconcile with.

stewart1971, Republik of Mancunia…

I’m not really angry with Giggsy starting anymore. It’s just saddening. Hate seeing great sportsmen stay on way past their peak. Those of us of an older vintage remember Ali’s last fights and how difficult they were to watch. Giggs in the first half tonight was reminiscent of that I’m afraid.

Devilton, Red Cafe…

He’s a LEGEND.

But he should retire.

It’s time Ryan…like Red Nev…you know when your inclusion hurts the team it’s time to walk away.

Bet you it won’t happen though.

I don’t blame Giggsy…Fergie keeps playing him. It’s Fergies job to tell the lad it’s the end of the road and he doesn’t seem to want to do it.

Do you think it’s time for Ryan Giggs to call it a day, Red Devils fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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