Jonny Forumer: Liverpool fans wowed by Suso debut

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Jonny Forumer

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer reporting for duty. 18-year-old Spanish midfielder Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáez de la Torre – Suso to his friends – turned in an eye-catching full debut for Liverpool in the Reds’ 5-2 win at Norwich City, so I hung around online joints Red and White Kop, This is Anfield and LFC Reds listening in on folk’s reactions…

Suso… Not to be confused with the Southampton University Symphony Orchestration (Img: md.faisalzaman)

Noble Nayudu, Red and White Kop…

Great league debut. He deserves to start ahead of Borini on current form.

OhYaBeauty, This is Anfield…

He played well, but as a winger he has much less to offer than as an attacking midfielder. Most of his good touches today were when he came in and played as a midfielder anyway.

It’s a bright future

Kopite Luke, LFC Reds…

Really took his opportunity. Well played Suso, finally getting the opportunity he’s been craving for and grabbing it. So elegant on the ball, he’s a joy to watch. Think he needs to add something on his right side or he’ll become a little predictable and improve his defensive work but certainly have a massive talent on our hands.

elpistolero, Red and White Kop…

His ball control is beyond comprehension. how the f*** does an 18 year old have such calmness and exquisite control is beyond me. His passing and willingness to beat a man is excellent. For those knocking Rodgers about freezing out downing, just look at suso today, has downing ever played well in a pl game ?

liverpool_singh, This is Anfield…

Although he has played on the RW quite a lot in the reserves his best position is as a central attacking midfielder. Even in the reserves he tended to be quite predictable playing on the right as he would nearly always cut in with his left foot. And although this still worked quite well at reserve level against stronger teams it will not.

I expect him to be playing more centrally in the long run however because we failed to bring in a right winger in the transfer window (another one of our big mistakes) he will likely be played on the right quite often this season.

Dannylfc, LFC Reds…

Had we signed Dempsey for £6 million on deadline day, Suso most likely wouldn’t be getting minutes now.

Silver linings & all that.

Heighway to Heaven, LFC Reds…

That’s a great point and I know who I’d rather have.

rowan_d, Red and White Kop…

Best touch in the squad on today’s evidence. Exceptional talent. If he doesn’t end up being amazing, something will have gone wrong

TTorroro, This is Anfield

He’s more a very talented playmaker in the am role rather than wide forward role. He’s an intelligent ball player though so could jolly well learn to make runaway in complement to other forwards play. If we can work in the whole 4-5 player interchanging plays (3 forward, one fullback and the advanced midfielder) we certainly have quite a selection of talented players to fit into roles. Like sahin , Gerard, Suarez, Assaidi , sterling,Suso .

Giono, Red and White Kop…

Great vision and technique. Good on the right, but better in the centre I feel.

ILLOK, This is Anfield…

He’d be fine on the right provided Johnson was behind him as he’d make those overlapping runs as Suso goes inside. Would be a good combo, think we lack a bit of width with Wisdom there as he tends to stay back.

SteLFC91, Red and White Kop…

On the ball, he is fantastic. Ball seems glued to his feet and he rarely makes a stray pass. Doesn’t play like an 18 year old making his first league start. Got some work to do on the defensive side to his game but I’m Rodgers will get that into him. Huge, huge potential.

mkferdy, Red and White Kop…

As been said his first touch is a thing of beauty. He will develop into a top top player, think his long term future will be through the middle rather than out wide. Must get his contract sorted, has a big future here.

What did you think of Suso’s debut, Liverpool fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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