Jonny Forumer: Fulham fans hail Jol amidst contract talk

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Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer signing in. Martin Jol has been quoted as saying that he may not sign a new contract as Fulham manager due in part to a perceived lack of support from sections of the Craven Cottage faithful, so I hotfooted it down to online Cottagers joints Friends of Fulham and Cottage Corner to find folk pretty darn unanimous in their praise for the Dutchman, even after a last-gasp Reading equaliser denied his side all three points in Saturday’s 3-3 draw at the Madejski Stadium…

Martin Jol
Jol… Jolly (Img: Mickybrown100)

OhSouthWestSix, Cottage Corner…

Quoted saying he still doesn’t feel the fans are behind him.

Time for all you sit down shut up merchants to start getting involved otherwise you’ll be on here moaning that we are yet again without a manager and starting from scratch AGAIN.

FLETCHINO, Friends of Fulham…

I think we should give jol a newcastle style contract 8 years. Martin jol is a great
Manger and we are lucky to have him sign him up MAF

StanLee Kubrick, Cottage Corner…

If he doesn’t sign a new contract because he doesn’t feel fully appreciated by the fans then that would be pretty terrible. I love the guy. My wish is to have him in the long term like Moyes, etc. I find it hard to believe that he would leave after this year. You wouldn’t bring all these players in and then just abandon ship…

Whiteroom, Friends of Fulham…

When MJ first came in there were a hell of a lot of people on here who were instantly doom and gloom about him: in exactly the same way as they were about Hughes. I hope that these people will admit that they were both wrong, and also instinctively negative and short sighted. I remember for both managers feeling very confident that things would turn around, but that they needed time. I love the support Jol has now, but I hope the doubters will have a little more bravery and patience next time.

woody, Cottage Corner…

If he leaves it will be because of incidents such as the way dembele left not the fans,
Or because Liverpool come knocking again perhaps or though not sure he’s a good fit for them anyway.

I love some of his quotes, he compared us with a blonde girl in that first half….good from a far, but far from good….gold.

Anyway the club has backed him 100percent over talisman type players wanting to go two or three times and broken the salary structure for a player he backed. Not only that but we have some of the best promising youth coming thru so there is plenty to keep him fulfilled I think.

As a fan you see someone wanting more money and get frustrated. But jol simply looks at that figure and says “for that money or just a little more I can bring someone far far better, let him go”….the club did and its proven the correct step in each case.

If I was a manager I would be more then happy with that, it’s all you can ask,

Keeno, Cottage Corner…

It’s heartbreaking to see us making such good progress under Hodgson and Jol, but never manage to keep hold of the ones who do best for us. I really feel that if Jol stays we could be onto far bigger and better things providing he is backed financially and vocally by the fans. The club needs to do all they can to not only keep Martin, but to help the fans to make more noise at The Cottage, even if it is through those card clapper things we had for the Europa League games.

It just about sums everything up about the same fans who wanted Hodgson and Hughes out. If Jol leaves because he doesn’t feel fully appreciated, some of you doom merchants will have had your way. This just further illustrates the need to vocally support the team through good times and bad.

I’m taking it all with a pinch of salt for the time being though – The press in general, tabloid press inparticular, always has it in for us, sometimes to the point of outright lieing, mostly just twisting peoples words though.

Fulham Loyalist, Cottage Corner…

With all this talk about him not signing a contract, we should chant his name all day against Everton. The man has completely transformed our club. Top manager and a top man.

StanLee Kubrick, Cottage Corner…

If the rumours are true about Darren Bent then we would be unstoppable. Bent + Berbatov = Magic.

Only Jol can bring those type of players to the club.

KellyHangelandHughesRiise, Cottage Corner…

Hes cleared out the Zamora and Etuhu shite and turned us into an attractive, continental, attacking force. MARTIN JOL’S BLACK ND WHITE ARMY

Tizzard, Cottage Corner…

the way he fucked out the old boys club and brought in some really great players (and transformed Dembele) is brilliant

db10, Cottage Corner…

it’d be devastating to see him leave so quickly, and it’ll really raise the question of how long the run will continue of not accidentally signing a manager who’ll take us down.

NogoodBoyo, Friends of Fulham…

Jol was dealt the shittiest hand imaginable in the transfer season. He looked absolutely fish-slapped after the Double D departure. Dog bless him, but he bounced back and brought in a superstar and a journeyman at the death to give himself and us just a glimmer twin of hope. Okay, the journeyman needs to be rested in favour of our youth (FreiKac), but the superstar is as sublime as it gets.
But, against all odds, he has rebuilt the team into a unit that plays some of the best football we’ve ever seen at this level – and on a relative shoe-string!
Jol is one heck of a manager. I have a sneaking suspicion he reads this messageboard occasionally. Those of us (or you) who were so quick and persistent in damning him to gottenfury should spend a few moments on the lavatory contemplating the impact your knee-jerk reactions to a few temporary setbacks might have on such a sensitive soul. Then, as you make your final desperate push in trying to beat the farmers, kindly consider the alternatives.
Coleman? So out of his depth he needed a shark lung?
Sanchez? The Booby Campbell of the naughties.
Hodgson? Great, but is fraidy-scared of staying anywhere long enough in case he’s found lacking in something, someone, god only knows what!
Hughes? More ambition than a pit-bull with nipple rings.
Jol is the real deal. We need to give him as much love and support as Ringo gets at a drummers’ convention.

What do you think of the job Martin Jol is doing, Fulham fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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