Jonny Forumer: Crystal Palace fans react to Freedman departure

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Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Crystal Palace fans are for a variety of reasons aghast at manager and all-round club icon (at least until now) Dougie Freedman’s decision to leave Selhurst Park for Championship rivals Bolton Wanderers, so I hotfooted it over to online Eagles joint to see how the good people there were taking the news, and what the man himself’s thinking might have been…

New Trotters boss Dougie Freedman
Freedman… He certainly was (Img: Richard Fisher)


This is a blessing in disguise in my opinion, as I’ve pointed out already, a run of good form has glossed over what has been dross, bar the cup run.


Absolutely gutted he turned his back on us for a pot of silver after all the history.

So angry about this.


2010 weren’t sure he was the right man long-term after the back end of last season and the start of this. They start moving in the background to sound our possible replacements and tell DF he has until Christmas to turn things round. He’s not offered a new contract because there’s every chance he’ll be out on his ear come the New Year anyway.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, we go on an incredible run, we’re suddenly in the top 4 and DF is flavour of the month. Bolton catch sight of him and decide, on the basis of 9 games and beating Man U last season, that he’s their man.

2010 can’t believe their luck that someone wants a manager they don’t have much faith in and hold out for 5 minutes until Bolton offer the compensation they want. They’ve got rid of DF without having to sack a Palace legend, he’s the villain not them plus they get a tidy wedge to ease their pain.

DF knows 2010 aren’t very keen on him, he has no long-term contract on the table and will be out on his ear as soon as things go tits up again. Bolton come and offer him a massive payrise and 3-year deal. He loves Palace but he’s not stupid and decides to do what’s best for him and his family. Even if he gets sacked after a few months he gets a hefty payoff and can look for a more sensible job somewhere lower down the leagues where he can build his reputation up again.

Everyone’s happy – except us.


Dougie quote just a few days ago

“I’m in the middle of building Crystal Palace Football Club, and when I picked the club up, we were in a dark place,” Freedman said.

“I think I’m halfway there in getting the club the way I want it to be, and I’m not the sort of guy to leave jobs half done.”

this is why people will find it hard to forgive!


I wouldn’t say i’m gutted, more along the lines of absolutely fuming. How he can turn his back on us and go to a second-rate Premiership has-been club who are in serious debt and who’s best days are literally behind them baffles me completely.

Parish and co have a LOT of explaining to do, and god forbid if we ever get a manager who loves the dreaded hoofball or *shudder another piece of deja vu ala the Trevor Francis saga 11 seasons back, i am officially done with football.

So long, Dougie, i give it 5 months and he’ll be out of a job.

Rudi Hedman…

Until the same team is picked again for the next home game, hopefully with the addition of 1 or 2 astute targets the new man has. The tactics and formation weren’t a masterstroke where we were passing the ball round the opposition at will. It was purely ‘give it to the dribblers’ or ‘try and pick out the withdrawn man’ and improvise and support him when able to.’ We’ll have a decent season still but the biggest moment for us will be the Zaha departure, money used and tactical changes come June – August 2013.


Nothing in football should surprise us, but I am still in a state of shock at DF’s departure to Bolton.

Just as things are looking up and seemingly genuine progress is being made everything is turned upside down. Perhaps (or perhaps not) in the fullness of time we will learn why – was it simply money or were there other factors. Certainly Bolton are taking a bit of a risk. Dougie is still unproven as a manager.

As to whether we should have expected loyalty from DF? No. We may have wished it but loyalty is fundamentally a non-existent concept in football (apart from that exercised by us poor fans). Let’s not forget that only a few weeks ago a lot of Palace supporters were asking for Dougie’s head. In fact he may have been only a couple of games away from being given his P45. So, it works both ways.

It’s not the end of the world and if we can get a decent replacement ( and that’s a big if) we may still be near the top come May. On the other hand …

Frickin Saweet…

When we were ripping Millwall to pieces on Saturday I was feeling more positive about Palace than I had in a long time, like years. Rug pulled from underneath springs to mind. I don’t hate Dougie, I’m just really really disappointed. I believed his words and bought into his vision. Was just a load of bollox


I don’t often post on here, but feel compelled to comment on this situation. I saw Dougie as a real hero, but now my instant reaction is to lump him in with the likes of Bruce, Routledge, Bostoke, as someone that put money ahead of the club.
If Dougie comes out and says ‘he wanted a different challenge’, blah blah blah, I will put my foot through my TV. There is no bigger challenge than taking a club like CP into the Premiership. I have more respect for Dowie than Freedman at the moment, as at least he delivered. I hope in time I can look back and realise that this is just business, but I will only be able to do this if Dougie admits it was down to finance. Maybe then I can distinguish between the legend and the former employee.


Palace legend yes but an unproven manager really, we should all think about this using our heads rather hearts. I think he has made a big mistake taking that job and I don’t think he’ll last a year personally. He’s done ALRIGHT at palace because he knew the club, players, staff etc. There he will know nothing, have no staff or players he knows. Think he’ll be out of his depth personally.

Plenty of other good young managers out there to take his place. Or even a romantic return of Sir Steve for his last management job. Who knows but I do know no one is bigger than the club, adios DF.

Who would you like to see replace Freedman, Crystal Palace fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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