Jonny Forumer: Anichebe winning over Everton fans

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Jonny Forumer

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer reporting for duty. Until now Everton manager David Moyes had found unlocking Victor Anichebe’s potential like trying to open a sardine can after you broke off the metal lip, but with two goals in two games – three if you include a wrongly chalked-off header against Newcastle United – the Nigerian international forward is giving the Goodison Park faithful the kind of smiles they can feel in their collective hip pocket.

I hung around online joints The People’s Forum, Grand Old Team and NSNO listening in on folk singing Big Vic’s praises after his sterling 90-minute showing in Saturday’s 3-0 win at Swansea City, which incidentally has the usually slow-starting Toffees sitting pretty in a Champions League place…

Victor Anichebe
Anichebe… To Victor go the spoils (Img: The Bohs)

London Boy, The People’s Forum…

Victor’s best game. Thought the volley towards the end showed that he actually has a bit about him. Never rated him before but today changed my mind. His challenge is to keep this up. Will he sulk when Jelavic comes back?

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter, Grand Old Team…

Absolutely made up for Vic. Anichebe of 2012 has looked a serious player.

A bit more aggression and fight has helped him bring out his physical attributes but his composure in front of goal has improved. And something I noticed today that I’ve rarely said about him before is that he’s shown really good intelligence and helped bring others into play. He’s played like a quality lone striker has to.

johnstinkpants, NSNO…

When he has space to run into with the ball his powerful running is very difficult to stop. He looks like he has some decent pace as well. If this attitude change is permanent then he could become a very useful player…

deep blue, The People’s Forum…

Never been his biggest fan but the goal he scored against Newcastle had me re-evaluating my opinion. You simply don’t score those kind of goals without having a high level of technical ability. A run of games in a team high on confidence and capable of carving out a load of chances is a luxury he’s rarely been afforded in the past. Believe he missed a couple today but the more he plays the sharper he’ll get. Jelavic shouldn’t automatically walk back into the team, of course he’ll get back in eventually but Victor deserves his chance now.

deathbyropeandglass, Grand Old Team…

Played very well today but still a few occasions where he looked to be strolling around uninterested which is his biggest problem.

Whether it was because he was knackered or just his natural style we can never change i don’t know but he still needs to show improvement in that area and add more consistency to his game.

But full credit to him, today was a great base to start from but its still early yet.

Titus Bramble, Grand Old Team…

Played very well today, people saying he was caught strolling around a couple of times but I think he needed a breather from time to time, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him run so much! Can’t remember the last time he played that well in the league, especially for the full 90 minutes. Well in Victor.

BillyBullens, The People’s Forum…

He’s done all that was asked of him in the last 2 games, and more. He is a confidence player and of course like every striker, when they hit a scoring spree they want to keep the momentum going, he’s got the shirt now, it’s up to him to make it difficult for Moyes to take it off him.

marky v, NSNO…

He had a great game, I noticed he seemed very frustrated with himself at times which is a massive difference with how it felt he layed the blame elsewhere, really pleased after the performances he’ll get a reward of some regular games for a little while at least

Ihaters, Grand Old Team…

He has been utterly dross for several years now but today was an absolutely belting game for him, well in lad Newcastle he scored but was pretty poor as a team player, today he was ace.
People get on his back because he’s been ****e. The same people are also able to see when this is not the case.. Today was such an event and he won me around big time today.
This is what people want from him, if people like Davek think that walking around the pitch with his head down, or rolling around on the floor instead of going for goal is good enough when he’s able to do things like he did today then fair enough. Personally I’d rather see him putting in that level of effort every week.. Its what he’s payed for and what he is capable of.

74Blue, NSNO…

He’s finally showing us what he’s really capable of.
In the past, he’s often come across as a poor man’s Heskey – Big, powerful lad, but would often get knocked off the ball far too easily. His last few performances would suggest that he’s possibly matured a little & the shitty attitude that he had in the past has maybe been superseded by a willingness to prove that he’s got what it takes. Previously, he would often go down very easily and stay on the floor sulking when things weren’t quite going his way. Recently, he has started to show some signs that he is ready to start using his size & power a little more, he wants to stay on his feet a bit more often & just seems a bit more focussed. Long may it continue!

Do you think Victor Anichebe can nail down a regular starting spot in David Moyes’s side, Everton fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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