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Spurs to play more games at Wembley for Comic Relief

North London giants commit to bogey ground as part of Red Nose Day.

Stories24.03.17 04:12

VIDEO: Naked England fan in stands at Germany friendly

"That is a hero right there," heard on tape.

Stories24.03.17 03:53

VIDEO: England fan dives into canal in Dortmund

Big splash in the Dortmund–Ems.

Fake News23.03.17 14:12

Everton announce plans for new stadium that’s not made entirely out of wood

Goodison Park to be dumped at civic amenity site for recycling.

Stories23.03.17 13:41

PHOTO: Ballymena ball boy sent off for excessive celebration

Escorted away by stewards after jubilant scenes in front of Coleraine coach William 'Winkie' Murphy.

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Fake News22.03.17 23:16

Channel 4 incorrectly identify Trevor Brooking as Germany goal-scorer

Podolski's farewell screamer mistakenly attributed to West Ham legend.

Fake News22.03.17 15:08

England playing Germany tonight, apparently

International break strikes again as historical fixture fails to enthuse.

Stories22.03.17 14:27

VIDEO: Running child repeatedly evades capture to hug Álvaro Morata

Gets to embrace idol after slaloming through security across pitch.

Fake News22.03.17 01:40

Heartbroken Klopp: “Chris Coleman never calls me any more”

"Not about Ben Woodburn or anything else," wails Liverpool boss.

Fake News21.03.17 18:06

England fans “still in denial stage” of reaction to Phil Jones injury

Anger, bargaining and depression still to come before eventual acceptance.

Fake News21.03.17 12:27

Chris Sutton’s uncle hits back at nephew over Wenger comments

Former Blackburn striker said Arsenal boss is like "uncle who doesn't want to leave party".

Jokes21.03.17 09:01

More jokes as Arsène Wenger rumoured to have signed new contract at Arsenal

Arsenal Supporters' Trust said to be "extremely concerned".

Stories21.03.17 08:03

VIDEO: Atlético Paranaense supporter makes rude gesture to camera at game

Indecency in the Campeonato Paranaense.

Stories21.03.17 07:29

VIDEO: Arsenal fan sings Wenger Out song to tune of Will Young’s Leave Right Now

YouTuber uses 2003 hit single as a stick to beat the Frenchman with.

Fake News20.03.17 12:16

“I’m in it for the long troll,” roars defiant Wenger

Arsenal boss rails against fan unrest by announcing he'll stay just to wind them up.

Stories20.03.17 07:56

VIDEO: Leeds fan pushes Brighton player who runs into crowd

Says he was protecting friend in wheelchair.

Stories20.03.17 05:00

VIDEO: Preston fans sing about doing crossword on train and getting a pen for it

Puzzle lovers on their way back from Blackburn.

Fake News19.03.17 20:41

Guardiola’s “mind blown” by new Ed Sheeran album

Also describes draw with Liverpool as "one of the most special days of my life".

Jokes19.03.17 10:08

The best jokes as two Wenger planes fly over West Brom 3-1 Arsenal

Crowd turn plane spotters at the Hawthorns.

Fake News18.03.17 17:48

Air traffic control “thrown into disarray” by spate of Arsenal planes

Disaster narrowly averted after impromptu Wenger-themed demonstration.

Stories17.03.17 11:47

VIDEO: Uruguayan player rips own shirt to get opponent booked

Peñarol's Alex Silva Quiroga makes Jamie Vardy's recent antics look positively saintly.

Stories17.03.17 11:24

VIDEO: Roberto Mancini dances tango on Italy’s Dancing with the Stars

Former Man City manager's moves accompanied by reworked version of "Roxanne".

Stories17.03.17 10:51

VIDEO: Trabzonspor fan cleans seats as punishment for standing on one during a game

Tasked with scrubbing all ten thousand seats in Turkish side's new stadium.

Jokes17.03.17 01:52

The best Marcos Rojo banana jokes as United defender eats snack against Rostov

Peeled fruit delivered from the bench via Ashley Young.

Stories16.03.17 22:48

VIDEO: Marcos Rojo eats a banana during Man Utd v Rostov

Scoffs fruit mid-match as Mourinho bids to boost his blood sugar levels.

Fake News16.03.17 20:05

Today’s England squad now the leading cause of depression in the UK

Samaritans on high alert for forthcoming games against Germany and Lithuania.